Fishing Out an Old Stacey Farish Video Clip

FishbowlLA is hearing rumors that TheWrap may soon be in a position to make a big hire announcement at the executive editor level.* Which led us this morning to dig around the higher echelons of Sharon Waxman’s operation.

In short order, we came across this August 2011 clip from the Bravo reality show Flipping Out. The client at the center of the stage-managed confrontation is none other than Stacey Farish, the then-LA Times exec who was appointed publisher of TheWrap in November. Make sure you watch the two-and-a-half-minute Studio City sit-down through to the end.

We’re not sure if Farish made good on her salacious marital promise. Too bad the NBC press days at the 2012 TCA Winter Session have already come and gone. Otherwise, some enterprising reporter might have been able to float a follow-up question by her husband Tim Farish, senior vice president, west coast entertainment, at Bravo parent NBCUniversal.

*Update – 01/10/12: TheWrap today made it official by announcing that Lisa Fung has been snagged away from the LA Times, where she was online arts and entertainment editor, to become the site’s executive editor.