Flip.com is the Latest to Deadpool

Flip.com, the social network where teen girls can create online “flip books”, is being shut down by parent company Conde Naste, according to a recent Gawker report. Launched well over a year ago during the gilded age of old media building a plethora of social networks for the purpose of gaining traffic and eyeballs, Flip.com seemed doomed from the beginning.

A large focus on branded content for teen girls to use in their custom flip book designs coupled with a more-or-less walled garden approach to media sharing were just a couple of the reasons that could be attributed to Flip.com’s downfall. Then again, spending from old and new media companies alike is being curbed to a sharp degree, and staff is being trimmed along side features, portals, networks and services that just aren’t delivering.

As we saw yesterday with the acquisition and subsequent shutting down of microblogging service Pownce, the doomed era has arrived for web startups. The conjectured weeding out process seems to be getting into full swing, and it’s taking no prisoners. What’s really concerning about the closing of Flip.com is the effect it will have on proposed advertising methods where brands are seeking more “organic” and integrated methods of reaching their target demographics. It looks like Flip.com’s methods failed.

But Flip.com users hopefully won’t be too broken up about it. An email sent out to Flip.com users encourage them to print any flip books they’d like to save, and a good portion of the features found on Flip.com have been replicated to some degree by other media-sharing and scrap-booking services such as RockYou.