FlipBoard to Carry Content From ‘The New York Times ‘

NYTimes subscribers just got another option today for how they can read the news. Flipboard has signed a deal with the NYTimes , and it’s going to bring new content to the news aggregator.

Starting later this week, Flipboard users who also subscribe to the NYTimes can login to their NYTImes account from inside the app. As the newspaper publishes new stories the content (including articles, videos, slide shows, and blog posts) will be added to each reader’s personalized reading selection.

The NYTimes has more details.

Readers get access to Times content on Flipboard based on the subscription package they bought. Subscribers with access to the Web site and smartphone apps can view The Times on Flipboard’s smartphone apps. Those who subscribe to the Web site and tablet apps can read the content through Flipboard’s tablet apps. And readers who pay to have access to The Times on any digital platform can have access through Flipboard’s apps on any mobile device.

Nonsubscribers will also get to read a limited selection of NYTimes stories for free.


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