Flipboard To Add TV, Films, eBooks

The personalized iPad magazine service Flipboard recently decided to get into the movie business. Reuters is reporting that Flipboard is working on deals with media companies with a goal of carrying movies and TV shows.

Flipboard launched last year as a first of its kind iPad app. It gathers web content from a vast number of sources, filters it to suit each reader, and formats it to look great on the iPad. Flipboard is available only on the iPad, but an iPhone version should launch in the next few weeks.

Mike McCue, the CEO of Flipboard, plans to have studios signed up by the end of the year. He’s also looking to cut deals with publishers and sell eBooks through Flipboard, though that is just in the planning stages now.

This says some interesting things about publishing, doesn’t it? It looks like Flipboard can’t generate enough income with its original market niche, which is probably why it has decided to start distributing video content. Perhaps there wasn’t enough interest from advertisers and marketers?