Flipboard for iPad Still Facing Growing Pains. But, Has Already Changed the Way I Look at Twitter & Facebook

Flipboard for iPad reads Twitter streams to create a magazine like presentation of links and photos contained in the tweets. It isn’t often that a highly hyped product exceeds my expectations in a single day. And, it is rarer still when flaky appearing overtaxed service exceeds my expectations. Flipboard not only exceeded my expectations, it has fundamentally changed the way I dip into the Twitter information stream.
I found it impossible to look at each link and photo streaming by in my Twitter feed all day. And, I rarely look at my Facebook account which has a low signal-to-noise ratio. Flipboard, however, simplies this task to near zero effort on my part and presents the information in a way that makes it easy and even enjoyable to actually take a deeper look at what people I follow are tweeting.
Flipboard’s Mike McCue on Life Over the Last 36 Hours and What’s Coming Soon
I was finally able to link my Twitter stream to Flipboard about 45 minutes after I posted about the new app yesterday. I didn’t have access to my Facebook stream until late last night. However, once I was able to add that to Flipboard, it changed the way I think about Facebook (I might even login to the site once in a while).

Flipboard isn’t out of the woods of overwhelmed servers yet though. You can see from the screenshot above that they are still having periods of being unable to server up data to the app. Let’s hope Faceboard can scale faster and better than their source of information (Twitter) real soon.