Flipboard App Content Apparently Blocked in China

Most of us (including me) look at our various connected apps and cry foul when access is limited or unavailable because of wireless data coverage issues, server issues, or some technical glitch. Imagine if your access to content in an app was blocked altogether? That is what Flipboard CEO Mike McCue reported over the weekend.

Access To iPad App Flipboard Compromised In China (TechCrunch)

Flipboard is a free iPad app that harvests links from your Twitter and/or Facebook feeds and creates a beautiful magazine-like interface with the harvested content. Since the content links are provided by people who you choose to follow on Twitter or friend on Facebook, the aggregated content is provided by people who you find interesting.

Flipboard provided a view of tweets and Facebook updates which are blocked in China. They did this by providing access to this data from their own servers. McCue reports that access to all Flipboard served content is now blocked in China.

Note that this information has not been discussed in either Flipboard’s official blog or its Twitter account (@Flipboard).

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