Flip Ultra HD Video Camera with 8GB Storage Announced

YouTube video courtesy of dtexman
Don’t you hate it when you miss an important memo? In my case, I was out of the loop on the new Flip Video Ultra and UltraHD models…
Flip Video Introduces All-New Flip Ultra and Flip UltraHD
I probably ignored it because earlier references probably registered by me as people talking about the original Flip Ultra model and thinking the UltraHD was the Mino HD video camera. Oops!
The Flip Ultra is $149.99 and still records video with a resolution of 640×480 pixels. However, it now has 4GB of built-in flash memory storage which translates to about 2 hours of video.
The Flip UltraHD has a $199.99 retail price. It comes with 8GB built-in memory which also also 2 hours of video. But, its video resolution is 1280×720 pixels (high definition). You can see a sample video I found on YouTube that shows both outdoor and indoor video recording results.
Engadget notes that the UltraHD has some serious image stabilization issues which you can see in their sample recording.
Stabilization aside, the UltraHD delivers what looks like nice crisp video with good color saturation based on the sample videos I’ve seen.