Flip Cup


We’ve heard of Situation Room drinking games, but we didn’t really think we’d see people doing them on air.

The indictment of Tom Delay is, admittedly, a complicated affair. The scheme, if it is to be believed, involved a very roundabout method of funnelling corporate donations to GOP candidates in Texas. Thankfully, the brave men and women of The Situation Room are there to break down the facts of the case so that Average Joes like us could understand it. How? With plastic cups.

Said CNN business news anchor Ali Velshi: “Without getting into the legality and law, here’s how it kind of looks. You got these three cups here. Now these represent six corporate donors and the money in there. The second one, it says TRMPAC — Texans for Republican Majorities. That’s a political action committee that Tom Delay is involved in. The third is the Republican National Committee branch that distributes state funding.”

See the full clip here.

What’s next: Explaining the invasion of Somalia using a McRib sandwich?

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> A reader makes this point: “What was so funny about Velshi’s demonstration is that it was totally wrong. The way he described it, the crime was the the corporate money went to the RNC. That would’ve been a federal crime and would’ve been investigated by Bush’s Justice Department. In fact, it was a state crime. The problem was that the RNC gave the money BACK to Texan candidates (though corporate money to the RNC is also illegal). He needed another cup to properly illustrate it.”