This Flight Tracker Site Is Dropping Some Funny Friday the 13th Tweets About Flight 666 Going to ‘HEL’

Because it is

It's early on Friday the 13th, but Flightradar24 has already set the bar high for Twitter marketing when it comes to having a laugh around this day of superstition. The flight tracking website picked up on a scheduled Finnair flight from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Helsinki, Finland, taking off early afternoon local time (or morning here in the U.S.). 

Flightradar24's social media marketers—a team of two—struck contextual gold when they noticed the flight's number and destination. "HEL" is the abbreviation for Helsinki Airport.

Then, they got a bit of help from a Twitter user named Chris Limb (@catmachine) in Brighton, England. 

A couple of hours later, the plane landed at its HEL destination between the 13:00 and 14:00 hours, which Flightradar24 had a little more fun with.

Even better, all of the in-jokery put forth by Flightradar24 was essentially true. And it garnered close to 5,000 likes and retweets with the trio of messages.

Flightradar24's team wasn't done yet, trying to add another layer of superstition to the fun thread of tweets. 

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