Flight 93 Memorial Controversy Gains the Most Steam It’s Ever Had

It’s always really interesting to see a story build and build until it reaches its ultimate peak. Such is the case with the Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania. We’ve been following the controversy over the design of the memorial since the summer of 2006, when it was just appearing in small bits through the local media. Then, later, you might remember, we reported on there being copying and/or theft issues involved. Following that, several times we reported on a man named Alec Rawls who had seemingly made it his life’s work in getting the memorial changed completely. Now apparently all the screaming and hollering has worked, as the big time media has picked up the story, like with this piece in the NY Times. We’re sure Paul Murdoch, the poor designer behind the whole thing, has been waking up, smacking his forehead again and cursing this project’s commission once again. In this writer’s opinion, the whole thing has been tragedy following tragedy in varying degrees.