Flicrk Mobile Adds Video Streaming Feature

With the growing interests on its mobile site, Yahoo’s photo uploading and sharing service Flickr has just rolled out, or should we rather say overhauled its mobile site boasting of new features including video streaming. Yup, Flickr is starting to become more like YouTube folks. You can now play videos you uploaded to the site directly from your mobile phone.

The new Flickr mobile video streaming lets you playback videos you uploaded to the site directly from yor mobile phone. This new feature is based on the Yahoo Video platform which takes advantage of its ability to serve content to a wide variety of phones, regardless of screen sizes and video/audio codecs those phones support.

Video streaming via the Flickr mobile site is currently available for the iPhone and iPod Touch but more handsets will be added soon, Flickr promises.

In addition to video streaming, Flickr mobile has also introduced some new site features including, adding contacts, favorite image and changing privacy settings. This is in addition to the new sleek-looking interface that the site currently sports. You can easily do all these now with your Flickr account whenever and whereever you are.

The new Flickr mobile site has also added the “interestingness” photos link which makes it easier for you to find interesting photos and videos uploaded to the site.

You can try out this new features now by simply pointing your mobile phone’s browser to m.flickr.com. Have fun!

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