Flickr Mobile for Android & iPhone Shows You Photos Taken Nearby Your Current Location (Sort of anyway)

Flickr announced a new feature to their mobile web site for Android and iPhone users…

Nearby on Your Phone

This feature uses your GPS coordinates to get your current location and then shows you photographs taken nearby that location. The feature appears to exclusively use GPS data and not WiFi triangluated assisted GPS data because it would not work on my iPod touch but did work on my iPhone 3G (to a point anyway).

The problem I found is it identified my location as in the downtown area about 10 miles from my actual location. I verified that the GPS was locating me correctly by using the iPhone’s Maps app and saw that it had my correct location. There’s quite a bit of scenic area around me (within 1.5 miles) including a mountain hiking trail and several beaches. So, I found it hard to believe that no one had posted photos with either embedded GPS data or manually entered location information. I’ll try it out in a couple of other areas around town to see if I get better results when used elsewhere.