Flickr for iPhone: Useless 1st Screen & Very Sloooowww


I stopped using Flickr after I hit is free account limit and didn’t feel a need to step up to its $24.95 per year Pro account. So, I haven’t posted anything there since 2008. Still, I do have photos there. So, I downloaded and installed Flickr’s new free iPhone app…

Flickr 1.0 (iTunes App Store)

I have to say that I am totally unimpressed so far. It starts with the most annoying login process I’ve seen for an iPhone app so far. It opens up Safari, authenticates you, then throws you back to the app. This is annoying and a complete waste of time.

When it finally gets past its initial useless first web page, it presents you with a second near-useless Ken Burns style slideshow of your friends’ photos. Yes, I want to see my friends’ photos. But, I don’t want to see them right away in that slideshow format. Let me pick what I want to see!

And, oh, did I mention Flickr for iPhone is slooooowwww? Back to the drawing board Flickr devs! No useless initial page! Let me decide what I want to see! And, speed it up by about 10x!

Via TechCrunch