Flex Your Personal Library

bookshelfEdward Frederick of Washington, D.C. has created a pretty useful application for listing your personal book collection. This follows the trend that I previously discussed in which users within the ‘social graph” will list all of their personal belonging and brands that they feel attached to. It will become a natural form of purchase by referral. This will eventually lead to applications that aggregate this information to determine “What people are reading now” or “What clothing brands are hip”, etc. I think that this personal bookshelf is a great way for people to get to know you as well since checking out a person’s personal library can be extremely revealing. Easily populate your virtual bookshelf by browsing the Amazon library and adding your items. One recommendation I would make for this application is they should add a full description including title, author, and publication date. Aside from that, this application is definitely cool and I will be keeping this one on my profile for the time being. If you want to show-off your own personal library, go grab the bookshelf application.