Fleischer “Heartbroken” Over McClellan’s Book

Following today’s sneak peak at former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s book, “What Happened,” another former White House Press Secretary — Ari Fleischer — called in to National Public Radio’s “Day to Day” program to discuss McClellan’s book, which has received enormous attention for its sharp rebuke of many aspects of the Bush administration. McClellan served as Fleischer’s deputy press secretary in 2003.

Fleischer told “Day to Day” host Alex Chadwick that he was “heartbroken” and “stumped” by what Scott McClellan had written in his new book. Fleischer said that if McClellan held such opinions of the President and his advisors, he should never have accepted the press secretary post.

Fleischer said he recently spoke with McClellan and inquired about the book’s progress and McClellan commented on “how good it was going to be to President Bush. … He told me it was going to be a tough and honest book.”

“I wish I had said to him, ‘Scott, why are you doing this?'” said Fleischer, who added that, amidst all of the fallout from today’s leaked excerpts, he intended to call McClellan today and chat about things.

“I will always, on a personal level, wish Scott well,” said Fleischer. “Scott was a great deputy to me. Scott was reliable. And I’ve got nothing but good memories of the time we worked together.”

“I think he’s a bit uncomfortable right now … because he knew he was going to be out of sync with the people he used to work for.”

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