FlashForward and Science Fiction Bookstores

What will the bookstore look like in 10 years? In 1999, one writer came up with a vision that is close to our print-on-demand fantasies.

Today’s guest on the Morning Media Menu was Hugo Award-winning science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer–talking about FlashForward, a television show based on his 1999 novel by the same name. Sawyer discussed the future of the show and the new level of interaction that writers have with their readers.

Press play on the embedded player below to listen. Follow this link to read excerpts from the interview.

Here’s an excerpt from FlashForward, talking about the bookstore of 2009–a future ten years ahead of Sawyer’s 1999 novel: “[T]he rest of the facility was taken up by individual copies of titles that could be printed on demand. It took only fifteen minutes to produce a single copy of any book, either in mass-market paperback or as an octavo hardcover … In a brilliant bit of preadaptive evolution, book superstores had been building coffee shops into their facilities for twenty years now–giving people the perfect place to spend some pleasant time while their custom books were printed.”