Flash-Based Phone Calls With TringMe

In what was the predictable next step for VOIP, calls can now be made directly from an Internet browser, thanks to SIP-based flash phone, TringMe.tringmeThe India-based company is looking to license the technology to the Vonage’s of the world. The simplicity of starting and completing a phone call from a single Web page might just draw them in. For now, any existing account on any SIP-based phone service can complete calls to anywhere in the world.

In lieu of any software, TringMe operates with phone widgets, that when placed on any Web site, enable users to just push and talk. If you’re not around, you can receive voicemails via e-mail.

One advantage is that the user has a choice of the best VOIP provider for their needs, without being forced to use any client-side software.

Cut and copy the HTML snippet and your Web site visitors can call or leave a voicemail for you, This call can be routed to a location or device of your choice (i.e – GTalk, cell phone, etc.)

No numbers, no dialing – just push and talk. This is also a useful tool to let strangers contact you without having to reveal your telephone number.

Folks making a call do not need a TringMe account.

Unlike some other phone services, TringMe promises not to bog you down with “bad” calls. An intelligent signal-processing algorithm will help filter calls the system deems too short or of an unacceptable sound quality.

According to the company Yahoo and Skype functionality is in the works.