Flappy Bird is Returning to the App Store

Flappy Bird’s developer, Dong Nguyen, has confirmed on Twitter that the game will eventually return to the app store, but not anytime soon. Nguyen hinted at the game’s eventual resurrection in an interview with Rolling Stone, but this is the first time Nguyen has directed addressed the game’s return.

The game’s removal from the app store prompted a large showing of copy-cats and clones. In fact, some of the clones were actually more entertaining, if not easier than the original inspiration. If you don’t have the game on your phone, you don’t have to pay thousands for them on eBay, where they’ve been listed for outrageous amounts. Just sit back, and play some of these clones:


Fly Birdy

Clumsy Bird

Flappy Plane

Birdy Flap

Flappy Bee

Flappy Fall

Hoppy Frog

Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

Flappy Wings

Brave Bird – Flap Again

Splashy Fish