#F**kYouWashington Becomes Weekend’s Hottest Non-Trend

Some D.C. residents aren't too pleased

This past Saturday night, journalist and blogger Jeff Jarvis started one of the weekend's hottest Twitter hashtags—so hot, in fact, that it never even made it onto Twitter's official trending list.

While watching a Saturday night news report on the debt ceiling negotiations in Washington, the pinot-fueled Jarvis got pretty pissed off. So, like many other tech-savvy Americans, he took to Twitter to vent: “Hey, Washington assholes, it's our country, our economy, our money. Stop fucking with it.” After numerous retweets and responses, Jarvis ran with the theme, chanting “FUCK YOU WASHINGTON,” and at the suggestion of @boogerpussy (yep, sounds like a great person to take advice from), added the hashtag #fuckyouwashington.

The hashtag went viral. However, the hashtag never actually secured a place on the trends list, possibly because Twitter moderates trending topics. Twitter eventually shut down Jarvis’ account for “tweeting too much,” but they couldn’t get rid of the profane hashtag, which continued to trend throughout the night and reached the tens of thousands by Sunday morning, said Jarvis.

People began using the hashtag to take up their own issues with Washington politicians—and the city itself. Many D.C. residents didn’t take too kindly to the hashtag, saying that Jarvis should have called out Congress, not their city.

But Jarvis seemed pretty pleased by his hashtag’s outcome, regardless of how it ended up being used. “Shouting #fuckyouwashington is hardly a revolution,” he wrote. “All I’m saying is that when I get to hear the true voice of the people—not the voice of government, not the voice of media, not a voice distilled to a number following a stupid question in a poll—I see cause for hope.”