F*#k Google, Craigslist and Wall St: Treehouse Offers Self-Help For Angry Journalists

So considering the state of the newspaper industry it’s not hard to imagine that there might be more than a few disgruntled, dare we say bitter, journalists out there. After years of hard work and meticulous training they’re being turned out of their newsrooms in droves as ad dollars disappear and 61 year old women with digital recorders and internet access steal all the headlines. If we weren’t part of the problem and if the demise of journalism as we know it wasn’t such reliable subject matter for us, we’d be pissed off too. Even so, it was with some relief that (via PressThink) we were introduced to TreeHouse Media Project, which under the heading “Fuck Google” announces that its objective is to “provide journalists with the business knowledge and technical skills to survive — even thrive — in this harsh, yet exciting new media world.”

Fuck Craig’s List. Fuck Wall Street. Yes, we have ample reason to be bitter. Times have never been worse for newspaper journalists…But no amount of bitching will prevent Yahoo from poaching our readers nor investors from seeking bigger profits. So, let’s suck it up.
Suck it up! Also the sentiment we inferred from Sam Zell’s “deep cuts” plan. The site, launched by a former journalist, aims to provide instruction in blogs & RSS feeds, video (reporting for the camera, shooting, editing, uploading to the web), podcasting, web design, database design and deployment supplemented with “in-person seminars with web-based instruction.” Hmm, sort of sounds familiar. At any rate, we imagine that in no time at all these well-trained journalists will be able to slap together an amateur looking online story just as quickly as the rest of us.