Fixes for a Mix of Mobile Problems While Traveling: Netbook, MacBook Air, Windows Phone 7

It seems like something annoying happens to one or more of my mobile devices when I travel. There was the time, for example, when the touchpad on my Asus netbook stopped working on the first day of a conference. The “fix” was to uninstall the touchpad’s device driver and to have Windows XP reinstall it. I’ve also had a couple of SD cards fail the day after returning from traveling.

Two mobile annoyances reared their ugly heads this week after traveling to Bellevue Washington to visit Microsoft (in Redmond). First, my MacBook Air (2010 model) failed to wake from sleep mode. Pushing the power button did nothing. Fortunately, I documented the fix the first time this happened (Nov. 2010). You can read how to preform an SMC reset on a MacBook here.

Mac SMC Reset: Something That Might Help if Your MacBook Air Does Not Boot

Note that it took two tries for the SMC reset to do its jobs on the Air.

The second problem was involved my HTC HD7 running Microsoft Windows Phone 7. It refused to leave flight mode to enable it to get network access. This too has happened before. The “fix” here is to power down the phone and then turn it back on. This also fixes a variety of Bluetooth problems on the HD7.

Do you have mobile fixes for problems you’ve seen while on travel? Share them here or send them to me.

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