Five-Year-Old Spent $2500 in In-App Purchases in Just 10 Minutes

Danny Kitchen’s parents begrudgingly allowed the five-year-old to download Zombies vs. Ninjas because it was free, but he managed to do more than kill a few Zombies. Danny’s parents left him alone for about 10 minutes to entertain some guests, while he innocently ordered $2500 worth of in-app tools for his zombie war.

Danny’s mother, Sharon, was unaware of the incident until the next day when she received 17 iTunes notifications about the purchases. She mistakenly thought they were for the same free item, and ignored the emails until her credit card company called about the suspicious activity. Luckily for Sharon, Apple was willing to refund the full amount after deciding that it was a huge mistake.

Parents of small children often have parental controls on their devices but in-app purchases can be a costly oversight. In addition to turning off in-app purchases, Apple representatives suggest that parents contact them immediately after noticing suspicious charges.