Five Ways to Say Happy Father's Day with Social Media

Just about everybody’s dad is now on Facebook. (Though they might not be ready for Twitter just yet.) They see your status messages and all your latest out-on-the-town photos. It’s acceptable spying for parents! Since they’re already enjoying the joys of social media, here are five ways to say Happy Father’s Day online.

Free Ice Cream

This year Denny’s is trying to rejuvenate their brand and kick up their social media efforts. They went beyond creating a regular Father’s Day card, and included a free ice cream float coupon in their application. What dad won’t get excited by that? It’s all accessible on Facebook here.

Video of Your Dad

Customize these hilarious and sweet JibJab videos with your dad’s photos. You can turn your dad into a rap star, kung-fu pro or word’s greatest hero. These fun, interactive videos beat any regular online card. You might even create one for your mom too for extra family brownie points.

Contest Time

Dads love contests and games. Doesn’t your dad play lotto at least once a month? Thrill his day up a bit with this photo contest. Upload the coolest photo of your dad to this page and get your friends to cick LIKE on the photo. The photo with the most LIKES gets a Dadstastic t-shirt.

Clothing Giveaways

Give your dad the gift of style. (Not that he needs it?) Nautica has created their own Facebook contest and is giving one winner the chance to win a $3,500 photo shoot and a $1,500 shopping spree. Just by entering, you get %10 off a purchase.

Let Him Eat Steak

Men and meat are the perfect match. Your dad will be psyched if you win him free Outback steak for a year with this photo-contest on Facebook. Every three days between June 2-16 one person gets free Outback for a year. Those are good odds!

Regular cards, gifts and visits are so old-school. This year, give your dad some extra online love with these fun, interactive treats.

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