Five Ways to Kickstart Your Career in 2013

When we read this piece in The New York Post, we couldn’t agree more.

Now that it’s 2013, Gregory Giangrande, chief HR officer at Time Inc. outlined several ways to jumpstart your career in the new year.

1. Don’t be a jerk. He wrote, “We could stop right here with how all-encompassing this resolution can be. Treat your employees and colleagues the way you would want some other boss or co-worker to treat your children.” Seriously.

2. Act with integrity. Even when your boss is doing something you don’t agree with, remain true to yourself. Sometimes when we’re in corporateland, we lose sight of what’s right versus what is going on around us. In the piece he pointed out, “Make sure every act and decision is something you can proudly defend as being made in the business’ best interests.”

3. Own your career. Need more? If you’re not happy with your situation, take steps to improve it. If you’ve already done that and you still feel stuck or work for a horrible boss, take steps to get a new job. The exciting part is you have control of how you think about the situation as well.

In the meantime before you leap into a new position with grand new possibilities, you’ll need to make up your mind to deal with the situation at hand and recognize it is merely temporary.

4. “Crush” your job. Love this one! If you truly want to stand out for a job well done and feel like you’re challenged, successful and happy, make a difference. Giangrande wrote in the story, “Be the kind of employee who everyone would be shocked if you ever got fired because you are just so damn good at what you do.”

5. Re-invent yourself. We particularly like this pointer because media folks constantly surround ourselves with change. Heck, sometimes the only thing we know is change itself. As publications dwindle from print to online and becoming a multi-media journalist with a variety of skills is important, so, too is reinvention.