Five Ways to Intentionally Goof Off

sneakerDid you read that right? Yes, you did!

By goofing off we mean ways to actually boost productivity. Instead of staring blankly at your computer screen with a looming deadline, it’s actually more productive to take a stroll around the block, brush your teeth or talk to a colleague and then return to the task at hand.

According to a piece on Forbes, goofing off (when done in moderation) is actually good for you. Here are some of their pointers…

1. Take a nap. That’s right, take a little snooze. Even if it’s just 15 or 20 minutes, you can wake up feeling very refreshed. Some offices are actually nap-friendly, others aren’t. If you work in a suburban area it may be as covert as taking a little rest in your car during lunchtime.

2. Talk with a colleague. Simply make small talk. Talking about the current events, weather or sports can provide a break in the day.

3. Run an errand. You’ll feel accomplished and will simultaneously get fresh air even if it means you’re taking 10 minutes to run to your bank.

4. Brush your teeth. Seriously, the piece points out the symbolism of removing decay and plaque “can be especially potent when you are feeling sluggish.” Plus, newly brushed teeth can help thwart a visit to the nearest vending machine.

5. Spend ten minutes checking social media sites. Notice we said 10 minutes and not an hour. Although leaving your desk can physically and mentally put a spring in your step, at least a brief mental distraction can offer a new perspective.

The piece warns: “Monitor your time however and don’t let yourself be distracted for more than five minutes.”