Five Ways to Explain Being Fired During an Interview

If you were terminated by a former employer and you’re on a job interview, listen up.

There are a few things to keep in mind so you don’t sugar coat and instead, just focus on the facts.

Our friends at AOL Jobs pointed some pointers so you can properly address the issue and move on. Ever upward!

1. Be honest. If you were terminated and it wasn’t due to a downsizing, you can simply mention it. Less is more — you don’t need to reveal specifics but you should be cognizant about the words you choose. The piece suggests, “Describe your situation truthfully, but in a way that is as favorable to you as possible.”

2. Be brief. This applies to other areas of your interview as well but regarding this topic, be succinct. It’s in your best interest to use as few words as possible and to say them with conviction. Watch your body language, too. Don’t fidget and simply sit still and say it with confidence. Then move on.

3. Do not badmouth your previous employer. Considering your concise response, there’s no need nor word count to trash talk your former employer. Stay positive and be aware you may be earning points by the interviewer for not leveraging the opportunity to dish.

4. Do not sound bitter. Leave the bitterness for your friends, family and oh yes, your therapist but on the interview itself, remain upbeat. If you’re the interviewer, you would want to evaluate a candidate based on their ability to bounce back, right?

5. Describe what you learned. This is where the part about being succinct really comes into play. Address the fact that you were terminated and then focus on the positive aspects. What did you learn? How will you approach similar situations differently down the road?

The piece adds, “Be as positive as you can be and you can help turn the question of being fired to an opportunity to showcase one of your assets: you know how to learn from mistakes.”