Five Ways to Boost Your Productivity in the Morning

yogaIf you want to be more productive, raise your hand! Maybe that’s because you’ve just had your umpteenth cup of coffee for the afternoon and it feels like the afternoon is in slow motion.

Why not try a few new things tomorrow morning? Perfect timing for a Friday. And if all goes well, you can challenge yourself to five full days of productivity boosters next week.

According to a piece on U.S. News & World Report, there are a few ways we can change things up in our morning routine to bolster output before noon.

1. Create a to-do list tonight for tomorrow. What could be better than walking into your desk tomorrow morning with an outline of what must get done?

Plus, by jotting it down tonight you’re less likely to think random thoughts on the treadmill or picking up your kids from basketball practice. Per the piece, writing a to-do list the night before will also help you sleep better.

2. Sleep a full night. Experts recommend eight hours of shut-eye per night. After all, what could be better than waking up feeling motivated with an up and at ’em mentality, not to mention a vibrant energy level?

3. Exercise. Get groovin’ before the workday begins, not after. The piece emphasizes how exercise improves mood and energy levels. Plus, studies have shown employees who have exercised before the workday have demonstrated better time management skills than peers who have exercised during the day.

4. Practice a morning ritual. We have to point out it’s amazing productivity is linked to overall wellness but it’s not at all surprising. Whether the ritual involves writing in a journal or meditating, it’s all good. Devote quality quiet time for yourself, even if it’s merely stealing 10 minutes every morning from your routine at home.

5. Eat breakfast. Yes, we’re getting back to basics here but it certainly does a body good. The piece mentions food will not only provide your body with valuable nutrients, it will replenish your energy.