Five Tweets You Should Never Send

Twitter is a great communication tool, but some folks seem hellbent on ruining it for the rest of us.


By sending tweets that are either better suited for inclusion in those thick coupon mailers or TMI tweets that make us squirm (check out this post to learn the dangers of TMI). And there are more – five categories in all, which we’ll detail below.

We’ll get right into it. Here are the five types of tweets you should never send:

The #teamfollowback tweets. Please read this #teamfollowback sender, as these tweets do NOT make any sense. If you want followers, don’t tweet “follow me, follow me, follow me” all day. Why would someone follow you if that’s all you tweet? And the only people reading these tweets already follow you – or they used to until you chased them away with your annoying “follow me” tweets.

Gangsta tweetz. Twitter is not the place to “represent” – not if you ever want a job, dawg. Employers are checking social networking sites with greater frequency. Even if your name isn’t listed, you probably have a picture – and there are great (and eerie) things happening with facial recognition programs these days. And anyway, there aren’t many people consistently going by your “JillyKitty1982” handle – which you’ve been using for everything online since forever so it’s easily linked to you.

The dysfunctional relationship tweets. You DO realize that your drama can “go viral” in two seconds and embarrass you and the one you actually love but are just out-of-control angry at in this moment? We’re talking numerous blog posts, trolls and Facebook pages devoted to ridiculing you. Things take on Jessi Slaughter status with a quickness online if the wrong person picks it up. Think twice.

And mentioning that poor, misguided girl brings us to the dysfunctional tweet’s kissin’ cousin – the know-it-all/threatening tweets. We’ll put these in the same category as they’re equally ridiculous. If you ever feel the urge to publicly slap someone down for making a mistake on Twitter, rethink that decision before firing away. Not only is it mean, it makes you look like a jerk. And threatening legal action without understanding what the even means, makes you look like a moron. Don’t be a jerky moron.

The boy who tweeted wolf. This is the worst because it’s the online equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater. If you’re constantly tweeting depressing things, people notice – and many then spend time trying to help you. If you do this purely for attention, those close to you – and people online – are going to start ignoring you (hence triggering a potentially genuine depression). Depression isn’t a joke, don’t tweet those dramaticalisms lightly – or at all (unless true). There are better ways to get attention (see #1-4).

Do you have any to add to this list?

(Pink bird image from Shutterstock)