Five Tools For Self-Publishing Your eBook

The rise of eBooks has made it much easier to bypass traditional publishers and get your work out there. And with the right online marketing strategy, you could make a pretty penny doing so.

Here is a list of tools to help you publish your work in the most popular eBookstores.

  1. Kindle Direct Publishing: This tool lets you publish your work in the Kindle store and make 35% or 70% royalty on sales depending on the region and price. You can even publish work in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian and specify pricing in US Dollars, Pounds and Euros. Amazon supports Word, ePub, Plain Text, MobiPocket, Zipped HTML and Adobe PDF files.
  2. Barnes & Noble PubIt: This tool gets you into the Nook bookstore and gives you the ability to control pricing and make 65% commission on eBooks $2.99- $9.99. PubIt converts all files to ePub and accepts Word, HTML, RTF, and TXT files.
  3. iTunes Connect: This tool will help you get into the iBookstore. Like the App Store, you have to go through an approval process to get in. The platform requies an iTunes account and ePub files.
  4. SmashWords: This tool will get you into most of the major eBookstores including: Kobo, Nook, Sony’s eBook store, iBookstore and Smashwords’ own store. You can earn 65-85% royalty depending on where it sells. The site accepts Word documents.
  5. This tool will get you into the iBookstore and in’s store, which has a large community of readers. You will make a 50% royalty. The site supports ePub files.