Five Tips to Assimilate Into a New Job

When we read this piece on Lifehacker about tips you wish you got on your first job or first job in a new career path, it really resonated.

Sure, there are the main ones like ask questions, realize no task is beneath you/you’re the newbie, and learn the company culture but the following tips really hit home.

For us media folks, it’s so important to stay organized and never miss a deadline. Being on time at work and with your work isn’t only essential to surviving, it’s essential to thriving and exceeding on the job.

In this realm there’s also a matter of keeping your desk clean and organized. First, it overtly shows that you’re an orderly person. Second, it may disguise the fact that deep down you’re really not because hey, no one’s exactly rummaging through your desk drawers which may be untidy.

And while we’re talking about staying organized, this bodes well for you electronically, too. Organize yourself online, create folders and do whatever you need to do so the information you need to find is only a click away.