Five Stats to Improve Your Twitter Strategy [Video]

An analysis of company mentions reveals a few surprising figures brands can use to develop and improve their Twitter strategy.

twitter strategy

Over the last two years, social listening and analytics firm Mention has collected and analyzed over one billion social media mentions. Earlier this month, SocialTimes brought you 5 tips for developing a social mentions strategy. The folks at Mention took a more focused look at the data and discovered 5 things you need to know to improve your Twitter strategy.

  1. Sheer volume: Businesses receive an average of 39 mentions per day, and more than 300 per month, so it’s vital to have a team on hand to handle this traffic.
  2. Talking about you: Less than 10 percent of tweets mentioning a company start with its @ handle. When over 90 percent of consumers are talking about your company it’s important to monitor those conversations and engage consumers, even when those conversations aren’t necessarily directed at the company.
  3. No @ at all: 30.72 percent of tweets talking about a company won’t use the @ symbol at all. Failing to monitor variants on the company or brand name, brands risk missing out on more than 30 percent of both negative and positive feedback.
  4. Timing: 60 percent of company mentions will occur outside office hours, so perhaps schedule weekend and evening content, and consider a weekend and evening social media team.
  5. Retweets: 60.20 percent of tweets that mention companies don’t get any retweets, so always try to reach out those talking about the company, regardless of opinion. And try to focus on meaningful interaction with consumers; a good experience could be retweeted even more than a negative one.