Five Sites To Help You Build A Reading List

It’s June and time to start making your summer reading list. If you’ve already read everything on your bookshelf and don’t want to rely on Amazon recommendations, there are a few great websites that can help you discover new books.

Here is a list of five sites to help you build a reading list:

1. This book search engine lets you type in the name of an author or book that you like and it will suggest other books for you to read based on analysis from a database of real readers’ favorite books.

2. A book recommendation site that aims, “to make discovering, buying and enjoying a book as simple as finding your next film or band.”

3. social networking site for readers that lets you share book recommendations with your friends, join book clubs and answer trivia

4. An online service that lets you catalog your book collection and connect to people with the same books. Based on your catalog and friends, the site comes up with suggestions for what you should read next.

5. Shelfari: This “community-powered encyclopedia for book lovers” is a social network that lets you share books that you love and check out what your friends are reading.