Five Signs Demonstrating Companies Care About Their Employees’ Happiness

Have you ever asked your interviewers during a job interview how long they’ve been at the company? And if so, if they repeatedly say several years, maybe the company is onto something. Their policies, their culture, they’re something somethin’.

Per a piece on Brazen Careerist, there are a few ways to discover a company that values its employees’ happiness and in turn, not only attracts top talent but keeps it as well.

1. They publicize core values and have a clear mission statement. Most companies have a mission statement or core values or both. When they post them on their company site, the values become transparent to job seekers. And internally, employees can remind themselves why and how they’re doing things in terms with alignment of these values and mission statement.2. They allow you to take the company for a test drive. As pointed out in the piece, Zappos is determined to find happy employees to the point they allow new hires to test drive the place before they come on board. The piece points out, “They demonstrate that a company knows how important employee satisfaction is to their bottom line… and they’ll do whatever they can to help you thrive.”

3. They give employees ownership. Let’s face it — you feel happier on your job when you are given the opportunity to learn and thrive. Your employer trusts you and that empowerment goes a long way.

For instance, the piece mentions Google’s “20 percent time” which gives employees the opportunity to work on their own projects each week.

4. There’s low turnover. Makes sense, right? When companies are doing something right and employees feel liberated and happy, they stay longer.

5. They pay well. Not only does the company pay well, they offer stellar benefits packages as well. Plus, they value your health so perhaps there are additional perks in terms of a free on-site gym and nutritious snacks in the kitchen.