Five Sessions For Digital Publishers At Book Expo

Book Expo America is coming to New York at the end of May. We are just beginning to put our schedules together. As usual, there are a lot of big name authors and a few celebrities on the schedule, but we’re most excited about the eBook sessions. We’ve picked out five eBook sessions at the show that digital publishers should attend.

1. Enhanced e-Books for the Rest of Us: Understanding the Quark/Blio Partnership (Wednesday 5/25, 2:00PM, Room 1E16)

Here is more from the session’s description: “As our society shifts towards a more ‘app-centric’ environment, publishers are scrambling to find financially sustainable ways to deliver this interactive experience via their new and existing content. And, while many publishers have set out to develop their own apps, often employing expensive designers to do so, the price tag of 20-100k per title is not an option for a majority of publishers. Scalability, coupled with in-house control has been an over-arching issue for all publishers regardless of access to resources – until now. Come and see how Baker & Taylor via their partnership with Quark has enabled publishers of all sizes to seize control of their enhanced e-book creation and distribution.”

2. How eBooks Will Save the Book: Putting Storytelling and Creation at the Center of Publishing (Thursday, 5/26, 10am, Room 1E14)

Here is more from the session’s description: “To love books nowadays is, for good reason, to worry that something is being lost. The itch to make and read those ‘dark marks on white paper’ (as John Updike put it) is becoming drastically difference, and electronic. But if we look just at what eBooks lack, we will miss a much bigger story: eBooks are actually good for the acts of writing, reading, and publishing. By focusing on the core of what a book is: words, ideas stories eBooks will revitalize the book. We will discuss several great examples of how this tide is changing publishing as we have known it with new relationships taking shape, new tools and new ways of working.”

3. The E-Book Era is Now: What does it look like from the consumer perspective? And what do we do about it? (Monday, 5/23, 10:30, Room 1E13)
Here is more from the session’s description: “During this session, Kelly Gallagher (Bowker’s PubTrack™ Consumer) and Angela Bole (BISG) will share new data from the Book Industry Study Group’s on-going research projects: Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading and Student Attitudes Toward Content in Higher Education. Along the way, they will examine, for the first time in a single presentation, both student and general consumer e-book buying behaviors and preferences.”

4. The Three R’s of Google eBooks: Reading, Regions and Retailing (Wednesday, 5/25, 9:00AM, Room 1E02)

Here is more from the session’s description: “Nearly six months since launch, hundreds of thousands of Google eBooks are being merchandised through the Google eBookstore, the Android Market and on the websites of more than 200 partner bookstores across the U.S. More than two million Google eBooks are available for free driving trial and excitement for digital reading in the cloud. But on what devices are people reading? What genres are most popular? Which cities have the most avid e-reading populations?”

5. Digital Publishing in Italy (Monday, 5/23, 2:30 PM, Room 1E17)

What sessions and events do you plan to attend?