Five Reasons Why Google Buzz Will Continue to Buzz Out

Several days after it was rolled out, some users may have already buzz out of Google Buzz and totally muted out Gmail Buzz. While some continue to use it as I for one keeps on getting buzz updates from those I follow. The good thing about this is that Google quickly responded to various privacy concerns and other so called buzz kills that were aired by users. Google has just dropped the auto-follow feature, disconnected Google Reader and Picasa Web Album and added a Buzz tab in Gmail settings so that you can easily disable Buzz totally.

But there are still other buzz kills that Google need to address although I don’t think that these may affect Google Buzz own demised. Yes, folks whether you agree or not, I think that Google has successfully came out with a killer social sharing/communication tool once again. And I could see users continously buzzing out in the coming days. Here are five reasons why Buzz will continue to make a killing in the social blogosphere.

1. Google Buzz is an effective communication tool

Whether you like it or not, people will continue to use Google Buzz, be it inside Gmail or on their mobile phone. Why? Because it’s an effective, no-cost, real-time communication tool. Despite the noise it makes, Google Buzz effectively lets you share information and links, communicate with a group of people, find out about what’s going on with what’s going on with the lives of the people you follow and more. It’s a bit short of becoming Facebook and a bit more than a Twitter-like service.

2. Google Buzz is neither a Twitter nor Facebook killer

Stop saying that Google Buzz is going to kill Twitter or Facebook – it won’t. There will always be loyal Twitter users as there are Facebook users. Soon, there will be loyal Google Buzz users, who may also be using Twitter and Facebook or using only Google Buzz to network and socialize. It’s just going to be a matter of preference.

3. Google Buzz is a Google Product/Service

I’ve always believe that if it’s from Google, it must be good somehow. Yes, despite the many flaws and shortcomings of the Nexus One, many still believe (including myself) that it is a great smartphone. And like the Nexus One, while we may have some qualms about Google Buzz, pretty soon those qualms will vanish as soon as we grow accustomed to Google Buzz’s intricancies and appreciate its merits.

4. Google Buzz is quick way to build social groups

Whether you like Google Buzz’s auto-follow feature or prefer the auto-suggest feature that was just rolled out by Google, Buzz is a great way to build social groups. Whether from your existing Gmail contacts or new contacts that you’ll stumble upon through Google Buzz’s nearby feature. Google Buzz instantly creates a social group where each member actively participates in the discussion.

5. Google Buzz is a noisemaker

Yes, I believe Google Buzz has created so much noise during its first week of run. It added some noise to my Google Reader account as the feeds shared by my Google Buzz contacts in their Google Reader accounts started showing up on my account. But while you may not like those noise, if you take a look at some of them, you’d find out that some of these noise are information, useful and helpful at some point or another. Noise can be a good thing some times.