Five Q&A Sites That Answer your Burning Questions

Question and Answer sites have been around for quite some time now. But despite the its being useful, it is one online niche that has never really received too much attention. So, we can count only a handful of Q&A sites which have managed to live on. Here are five top Q&A sites which will all give you answers to your questions, no matter how mundane or burning those questions are. The list include the newly launched Wikianswers from Jimmy Wales who became well known for the Wikipedia.

Mahalo Answers

Jason Calcanis, founder of “human-powered” search engine calls Mahalo Answers as a knowledge exchange site where you can post questions which are answered by other users. In case you’re not in the loop, Mahalo is a search engine which utilizes human editors when selecting which sites on the web to crawl. Mahalo Answers sits right inside the site. Mahalo Answers stands unique from other Q&A sites by allowing users to give tips to those who answers their questions. Users can earn Mahalo Dollars, which is a virtual currency with a one-to-one rate with U.S. dollars. Aside from this, Mahalo Answers also run Google Ads which is of course a way to sustain the service.

Yahoo Answers

Among the Q&A sites, Yahoo Answers is among the most established and widely used. December data from comScore showed that the site was able to register 114 million unique pageviews. Yahoo describes it Answers service as “a one place where the world shares what they know to help each other out.” Typically, you can ask questions, answer other people’s questions, find out what other people are asking. To participate, you need to register a nickname. You may use your current nickname attached to your current Yahoo services account or use a different nickname for your activities in Yahoo! Answers. You may also add cutesy avatars to represent your in the Yahoo Answers community.

Wiki Answers

Wiki Answers (difference from

Wiki Answers is’s take on the Wiki model. It is sort of a site with the Wiki twist. Anyone can participate and contribute to the development of the Wiki-Question-and-Answer site. Wiki Answers’ unique pageviews in December according to comScore was at around 27.4 million. Like the other Q&A sites, Wiki Answers lets you answer questions, post your own question, search for questions asked by other members and more.

LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers is different from the other Q&A sites for the simple reason that it was created not for the sole purpose of providing a basic Q&A site but rather to be used as a social networking tool. Since it is tied up with LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking site, the questions asked on the site are work and business related. So, be cautious when answering questions since your audience will be fellow professionals.


Not to be confused with the other Q&A site with almost the same name, Wikianswers is spelled as one word, and was from Jimmy Wales, more popularly known for his work in Wikipedia. Wikianswers brings the same formula and technology that made Wikipedia a successul open encylopedia. Hence, you have a question and answer site/service utilizing the power of the Wiki platform, and dependent on user participation to create a vast resource of knowledge. You can immediately ask questions or look for answers to question already posted on the site using category browsing or topics browsing.