5 Olympics 2012 News Projects

It’s opening ceremony day for the 2012 Olympics in London and Olympics projects from around the world are popping up as a way to track the events and records. Here’s a sampling.

1. The Guardian: Was an Olympic record set today?

This painfully simple — but absolutely brilliant — app from The Guardian tells you whether an Olympic record was set today. You get a big “YES” or “NO” and you can scroll through past days to see whether one was set and the results for it. Simple. But useful. And a lot of fun. I also love the typography and the fact that it’s a standalone app with its own, easy-to-remember URL: wasanolympicrecordsettoday.com

2. CNN: The evolving Olympic athlete

This interactive from CNN lets you navigate through the progression of gold medalists’ times for various competitions from 1986 until now.

3. New York Times Olympics dashboard

The Times’ election landing page is more than an aggregation of headlines. It collects “tweets of the moment,” has information on key athletes, an events schedule and latest results.  You can filter to more detailed information about the schedule, results sports or select athletes (not a comprehensive list of all athletes). My favorite part is the results page, which visually displays standings and medals earned.


4. LA Times linking print and web content through augmented reality app

This one is sort of innovative, but mostly “meh.” The LA Times will “connect” its print and multimedia coverage with an augmented reality app that lets you point your smartphone at a print page to watch a video on your phone.

This is cool for people who actually still read print and own an iPhone and don’t want real-time results but rather 24-hour-old recaps. They’ll also be using the iD Print app for print advertisements. In my mind, someone who’s savvy enough to know how to use an augmented reality app will have probably already seen the Olympics coverage elsehwere online.

5. Slate’s races over the years interactive

In a fun little game-like interactive with stick figures, Slate lets you see how various gold medalists and record-setters from 1986 to 2008 would compete when pitted against each other.


Know of any awesome Olympics projects from smaller, local news organizations? Let us know in the comments.