Five must-see presentations on digital news

With the flurry of journalism and tech conferences that take place across the world, tools on the web make it easier than ever to access that prized information. Here are a few informational and interesting presentations on digital news and technology curated from SlideShare and Scribd.

Mobile-first strategy

TBD‘s Steve Buttry has a great little presentation on why to execute a mobile-first strategy in your newsroom, complete with statistics and examples from his personal experience.

Iterate or die

This is a presentation from the recent SXSW Convention in Austin that I stumbled upon. It touches on a topic I’ve blogged about here at 10,000 Words: newsrooms adapting in an entrepreneurial era. Specifically, the presentation is about “how media businesses must adapt as internet startups disintermediate them.”

Document Cloud demo

Document Cloud is an open source tool that allows you to analyze, annotate and publish documents to turn static .doc files and PDFs into useful data. This presentation from an ONA meetup and gives a behind-the-scenes demo of using the software.

Working Together to Build Social News

This presentation from Facebook’s Justin Osofsky’s shows how publishers can best leverage Facebook, including statistics about people who click the like button on news, how likers compare to the average newspaper subscriber, and best practices for integration into a news site.

The Tech side of NPR’s project Argo

This presentation from an ONA meetup in DC explains the tech side of NPR’s local reporting project, Argo. The presentation describes how WordPress was used to build child themes for the various local sites, plus some cool tips on other frameworks and libraries.

Bloggers vs. Journalists: It’s a psychological thing.

NYU’s Jay Rosen, in partnership with Placeblogger’s Lisa Williams, recently led a session at SXSW in Austin about the long-argued topic of journalism vs. blogging. These are a few of their notes in presentation form.