Five ‘Must Have’ iPad Apps for PR

Many of you shared and debated our previous posts about mobile apps for PR.  Since then, I upgraded the quiver to include a tablet–an iPad2–and we hope you do too.  The iPad is truly the “leanback” device so we’ll hedge this post by saying you can’t really stuff all your work into one.  With Apple shipping an estimated 44 million ‘Pads this year, it’s likely many more public relations pros will give them a try.

Here are the apps we like so far.  Stay tuned for more, and drop us an email to with your suggestions for the next batch.

Flipboard [Free] Yeah, we know.  Everyone puts Flipboard on their Best Apps list.  It’s because Flipboard will change the way you absorb, curate, and discover interesting content.  Connect with both your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and the app will serve up beautifully laid out magazine pages based on the content of your friends and followees.  It’s illuminating, even without any customization.  You can ReTweet and share from within the app, making you look like the smartest curator ever.  If I haven’t sold you yet, try it and I guarantee you’ll see why Flipboard is important for PR. [iTunes link]

Phoster [$1.99] When M Booth needed to present the findings of their social media experiment #AIMname Game to their overseas parent company NextFifteen, they grabbed avideo camera and an iPad equipped with poster-making app Phoster and got to work.  Phoster’s aesthetic and dozens of templates helped the agency’s FirstWord people give the one-minute video the hip look you’d expect from a digital team.   [iTunes link]



Splashtop ($4.99) This amazing app is a favorite of DKC Public Relations, Marketing, & Government Affairs Account Supervisor Matt Caldecutt.  With your office’s wifi, Splashtop lets you see and synch your desktop so you can find files, respond to clients or even play World of Warcraft (Splashtop’s idea, not ours).  No more running back and forth to your cubicle! [iTunes link]



Hootsuite for Twitter (free) Even PR people with traditional titles are now doing at least some social media community management.  It takes a lot of time and there’s a lot of pressure to get it right, and not miss anything mentioned about a brand on Twitter.  Luckily, Hootsuite’s iPad app has every conceivable feature so there’s no need to be chained to your desk.  Hootsuite has a ridiculous set of features so you can delegate to team members, scheduled posting, monitoring, translation, and 30 custom modules for when you need to spit out a report to your CMO. [iTunes link]

Cozi (Free, $5.99 without ads) Surprised we’re recommending this family app?  Public relations execs live and die on their ability to focus and manage detail.  It’s why many of us are so attracted to productivity blogs, hacks, apps and what I call the Cult of GTD.  So rather than shoving the shopping, tasks, and family calendar in to  your work solution, we suggest trying Cozi to keep your two worlds separate.  It’s available for iPhone, Android, browser and iPad.  You’re never without it.  Try to ignore it and your significant other will email you from within the app.  I wisely placed it within my ‘productivity’ folder, so when I’m tinkering with Evernote on the couch, I’m likely to pop open Cozi and make a few updates.   You won’t waste any time reminding yourself to buy diapers, and you won’t forget that it’s your turn to take the dog to the vet. [iTunes link]

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