Five Job-Hunt Strategies That Don’t Feel Like Job-Hunting

If you, like most jobseekers, are sick of the endless parade of online applications and sucking up to people on Twitter, you might enjoy Miriam Salpeter new article on about job search strategies you may not have thought of.

She suggests pouring some of your energy into building a website “to showcase your accomplishments and tie together your relevant social networking profiles,” into answering questions on Quora “to attract attention from significant players in your targeted field,” and in getting speaking gigs in order to establish yourself as an expert and expand your network.

Another suggestion from Salpeter is to use LinkedIn’s events feature, which will help you find career-related conferences or speakers and let you figure out who in your network will also be attending.

Finally, Salpeter says, join a new group that has nothing to do with your job search. “Getting out and doing something different can stimulate new ideas and creativity that constant job hunting often stifles.” (Plus, meeting new people and expanding your network never hurts.)

Any other unconventional suggestions?