Five iPhone Apps For Reading News

Yesterday launched a new iPhone app called Float that lets users read news from more than 150 websites. Their app is cool, but they are entering a crowded space. Here is a list of five other great iPhone apps that are worth reading news on.

1.Feeddler: This free app is a customizable Google Reader client that delivers RSS stories straight to your phone.

2. Newspapers: This $1.99 app links to free online content and it includes more than 5,000 newspaper listings worldwide.

3. NPR News: This free app includes all kinds of NPR content such as radio streaming, podcasts, an text stories. You can also use it to access local news by entering your zip code.

4. Newsy: This free app boasts that it is a “news analyzer, not an aggregator.” The app contains video news produced daily that comments on world news.

5. Drudge Report: As controversial at Matt Drudge is, his site does often have the latest breaking headlines. This free app does the same.