Five eBook Booths To Visit At BookExpo

Despite another Icelandic volcano canceling hundreds of European flights, crowds swarmed the halls of Javitz Center as Book Expo America kicked off this morning. We’ve been among them checking out all of the digital publishers in the the halls in the Digital Zone and beyond. Here are five booths that we recommend dropping by:

1. Blio (Booth #2724): Check out a demo of how inventor Ray Kurzweil’s eReading software works on PCs and Android devices.

2. Kobo (Booth # 2102): They just announced a new touchscreen eReader yesterday (in advance of Barnes & Noble’s own touch screen announcement today). It’s worth checking out.

3. LibreDigital (Booth #2207): They released a new eBook distribution platform this week. Drop by their booth to get a demo.

4. OverDrive (Booth #2114): Drop by their booth to get a demo of how to check out eBooks from your library and learn how to get your books distributed through their digital platform.

5. Copia Interactive (Booth #2828): Copia is an eReading platform that has lots of free eBooks and book bundles. Drop by their booth for a product demo and a code for a free eBook.