Five Easy Steps to Faux Diplomacy

Sultry starlet Rose McGowan and Nelson Lewis

FishbowlDC tracked the steps His Excellency Nelson Lewis, Washington’s own Clark Rockefeller, may have taken to pull off a fake identity as the Minister Plenipotentiary for Artistic Endeavors at the Embassy of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas (The Hill‘s Christina Wilkie confirmed the fraudulent title with the embassy  here).  *Lewis has also allegedly posed as a congressman and Rolling Stone writer but his diplomatic title is by far our favorite.

Follow along and you too could move on from your job at Fox News and into an embassy in five easy steps!

Step 1 ) Purchase a URL that seems somewhat official.  Lewis’ business card reads– registered on June 24, 2010.  Seems legit enough.

Step 2) Register the URL to the country’s embassy you’d most like to represent…but don’t get too flashy.  Lewis claimed to represent the Bahamas.  Good choice – small, humble, minimal international policy exposure and hard to validate.  Create a fake contact and fake address for the URL – who’s going to check that out anyhow?

The URL on Lewis’ card is registered to “Eduardo Johnson” from the “EMBASSY OF THE KINGDOM OF THE BAHAMAS” at 224 Eye St NW (address doesn’t actually exist).

Step 3) Set up your email address using the  faux URL but forward the actual web page to something legitimate.  The URL on Lewis’ card is auto-directed to but Nelson’s email address remains  Clever!

Step 4) Have some flashy business cards made.  We showed you the snazzy, embossed cards Lewis dropped all over town.  Check them out to the left.

Step 5) Let you inner sociopath shine and lie, lie, lie!  Do interviews, attend parties, make special appearances, mingle with celebs…nothing can stop you now!

*Note: this post has been updated to reflect the information gathered from the URL registry and business card rather than actions taken by Mr. Lewis.