Five Curveball Interview Questions to Rehearse

interview“What’s your greatest weakness?”

Yawn. If that’s not the most overused interview question, we don’t know what is.

That’s why a post on ERE’s recruiting forum really hit home. They listed scintillating questions (and by that we mean new! Original! Enticing!) and we just have to share. Wouldn’t you rather be prepared to answer stimulating questions than sit in an interview with a deer in headlights look? Get that app answer ready and fire away!What path brings you here today? Leverage this question to talk about your background and then dig your heels into your motivation. Recruiters will want to know how much you know about their company’s business and why this opportunity is the perfect synergy for your background and their opportunity.

When have you experienced great customer service? Feel free to share what you value in your own customer service experience. This way, the recruiters and hiring managers can evaluate how you would understand proper service in order to provide it.

At work, when do you feel you’re at your best? Shazam! These questions really rock, right? Instead of asking you about your skills, it’s an indirect way to find out your passion. When do you get the best results?

What company do you most admire? Why? The piece states,We want employees who value the power of company culture — in large part because we’re so intentional about ours. This question evaluate the importance they place on an employer’s culture, and which specific aspects resonate with them.”

What “killer app” is on your phone? If you’re interviewing at a company that’s tech heavy (what companies are not tech heavy these days, right? Seriously.), be prepared for the app question. And show your enthusiasm about it! Instead of just describing the app, explain why it’s innovative.