Fitbit Wireless Activity Trackers Added Cumulative Distance Badges

I’ve been wearing and using the Fitbit wireless activity tracker for well over a year now. And, in that time I’ve found the the information it provides beyond a daily step counts to be invaluable information and motivation. The fitbit provides estimated activity based on the kind of movement it detects as you walk, run or otherwise move about. It also provides summary information such as average number of steps walked per day.

Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker Initial Impressions (May 26, 2010)

Fitbit added another milestone indicator and incentive this week. The web-based statistics page for the fitbit now provides badges for cumulative steps milestones.

Celebrate your fitness achievements (Fitbit blog)

You can see the five badges I found associated with my fitbit in the screenshot here. I found I earned a 5000 step badge and then moving on to 50, 250, 500 and 1000 mile badges. There are three unidentified blank badges left in my badge rectangle. I’m curious to see what levels are needed to fill those spaces.

If you and your fitbit earn the 3000 mile badge, Fitbit would like you to let them know. They note that 3,000 miles is the approximate distance from San Francisco to New York. So, I just passed Denver and have a ways to go before I hit NYC.