Fitbit Personal Activity Tracker Stopped Syncing: 1.8.2 Beta 4 for OS X Provided a Temporary Fix

The fitbit is one of those gadget that I carry around every day but rarely actually look at. That’s the way it is supposed to be, by the way. The Fitbit is a $100 device that measures your activity (steps walked and how active each movement is) all day long. It sends its data (my activity) wirelessly to a Mac or PC using a Fitbit supplied transciever connected to the computer using a USB cable. My configuration stopped working yesterday. So, I pointed my browser at

and found that a Fitbit 1.8.2 beta 4 for Mac OS X release became available on November 30. I installed it and my Fitbit synced with my Mac again. However, it stopped syncing immediately after that. I’ve tried the usual tricks of closing and re-openning the browser (the app works with a Fitbit web service) and restarting my Mac. But, nothing has restarted syncing reliably again. The fitbit can hold about a week’s worth of data. So, I have that long to get things working again before I start losing data.