Fit To Print: The Documentary About The Newspaper Industry

Here’s a trailer for Fit To Print, a documentary about the newspaper industry.

From the movie’s Facebook page:

“The numbers so far this year have been startling. Over 100 newspapers have been shuttered. Over 15,000 newspaper jobs have been lost. Print ad sales fell by nearly a third in the first quarter alone. Of the top 25 newspapers, 23 reported circulation declines between 7% and 20%. ‘Fit to Print’ will show the viewer the human side of these numbers. It will ask the question: what is being lost, and what comes next?”

It’s being produced by a collection of journalists, some employed in journalism, some focusing on the movie. Adam Chadwick, formerly a copy editor at the New York Times, is leading the project, along with Vincent Valk, an online journalist, videographer Bill Loerch, and reporter Sam Weisberg.

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