Fishing Social Network FishBrain Passes 500,000 Users

fishbrain 650

FishBrain, the mobile app and social network for anglers, has passed 500,000 users on iOS and Android devices, marking considerable recent growth for the app since its launch in 2013. The FishBrain app helps users share their fishing activity with friends and strangers around the world, logging their catches and viewing information from others that might increase their own fishing skills.

Last month, FishBrain secured $2.4 million in funding, in a round led by Northzone and Active Venture Partners. At the time, the app had 430,000 registered users.

screen1136x1136In FishBrain, users create a new account or can connect to Facebook, before browsing nearby fishing locations on a map. The app tracks everything from creeks to oceans, and users can follow their favorite locations for easy access going forward. Each location can be populated with data by FishBrain’s users, who may track the types and sizes of fish they’ve caught, along with the baits they used and specific times and dates for fish activity.

The app offers gamified elements, as users can aim to be the king (or queen) of a particular fish type by catching and recording the largest catch among all nearby users. When viewing another user’s catches, users can “Like” a catch or post a comment, as well as post catches to Twitter for others to see.

Since launch, the Stockholm-based company has found international success, particularly in the United States, where 370,000 of the app’s users are based. Other fishing hotspots include Australia, the UK and the app’s native Sweden. Over 170,000 individual catches have been logged within the app so far.

“Fishing is a hugely popular sport in countries all over the world, but one that has remained largely out-of-step with technological developments that currently benefit so many other sports. Runners can track their routes, golfers can analyse their swings, but before FishBrain came along, there was no equivalent for anglers,” says Johan Attby, CEO of FishBrain.

“The fact that we have amassed 500,000 users in just one year speaks volumes to the popularity of the sport, and the 170,000 catches logged shows the speed at which anglers have adopted our technology into their fishing activity. The success of FishBrain is testament to anglers worldwide and their appreciation and understanding of genuinely useful technology and innovation.”

FishBrain is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play. While the base app is free, FishBrain does offer a subscription service for its “FishBrain Database,” which offers more in-depth information about fish species, for one.