Fishing Game Rapala Daily Catch Launches on iOS, Android

The fishing game challenges players to catch fish in 3-D environments around North America.

GameMill Entertainment and Concrete Software have announced the release of Rapala Daily Catch on iOS and Android. The fishing game challenges players to catch fish in 3-D environments around North America in either single-player gameplay or multiplayer tournaments.

In Rapala Daily Catch, players have access to a variety of rods, lures and fishing lines, and can mix and match these to suit their current fishing goal. For instance, different lures may be best for attracting different kinds of fish.

While fishing, users can choose where to aim before casting their line, and can watch out for hot spots represented by splashing water. Once users have cast their line, they can swipe on the screen to move their lure through the water. Each lure has a special movement pattern users can activate to attract nearby fish.

Once a fish is on the line, players hold and drag their finger on the screen to reel it in, and can move the reel to highlighted circles on the screen (when these appear) to activate bonuses.

While players can catch a variety of fish in each location, they may be asked to catch specific kinds in order to complete challenges. Completing challenges gives players reputation points, and as they level up their reputation, users unlock access to new kinds of equipment.

In addition to single-player gameplay, gamers can compete with other players in timed tournaments. If no tournament is currently active, players can choose to be reminded when the next tournament begins.

Andy Koehler, vice president of business development and licensing at GameMill Entertainment, told SocialTimes:

As people who live and work in Minnesota, fishing is a deep part of the culture for so many of us here at GameMill and Concrete Software. Rapala Daily Catch captures the thrill and freedom of the sport with the authentic attention to detail you’d expect from the world’s top fishing brand: Rapala. It’s a must-play for anyone who loves angling, and we’re so happy to finally be able to share it with the community.

Rapala Daily Catch is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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