FishbowlNY’s 12 Step Program For Supermodel Stardom: Kate Moss, Circa 2006

Kate Moss is plastered all over the current T magazine, appearing in seven ads

Here’s the new career formula for supermodels, circa 2006:

  • 1. Be discovered at age 14 by talent scout at JFK airport.
  • 2. Become jet-setting, club-hopping super-supermodel.
  • 3. Appear in series of provactive Calvin Klein ads, help usher in the term “waif” model.
  • 4. As your career and cachet slows, begin to date drug-addled British rock star with similar career trajectory.
  • 5. Be photographed blowing rails of cocaine.
  • 6. Have photographs published in British tabloids.
  • 7. Have modeling contracts severed.
  • 8. Enter rehab, preferably in Arizona.
  • 9. Say you are sorry, but be vague about what it is you are sorry about.
  • 10. Capitalize on renewed Madison Avenue interest. Re-sign contracts and ink new ones. Be ranked #77 on Forbes‘ on the Celebrity 100 earnings list, making more money ($8 million) than before cocaine scandal.
  • 11. Appear in topless street ad campaign directly across street from mosque. Cause brief international stir.
  • 12. Appear as model for at least seven advertising campaigns, six of them solo — including Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Dior, David Yurman, Versace, Belstaff, Longchamp — featured in August 27 edition of the women’s fall fashion preview in New York TimesT magazine.
  • Women’s Fashion Fall 2006 [T]